Inspections & Maintenance

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To ensure your flagpoles remain fit for purpose, aesthetically pleasing, and to prolong the life of your flagpole, we offer 6 monthly or annual flagpole inspection / maintenance checks.

Safety Inspections / Maintenance checks include:

  • Fixing bolts /Anchor systems
  • Flagpole integrity
  • Finials
  • Halyards
  • Cleats

Maintenance checks can eliminate those unforeseen repair costs, eradicate H&S concerns, and ensure your flags fly constantly as required.

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This inspection found the base of the flagpole to be rotten. The structural integrity of the pole had been compromised and required instant removal due to Health & Safety concerns.

The inspection of this pole found that the collar to the stay brackets was oversized, resulting in flagpole moving around and the lightening conductor had snapped and become detached.

Oversized mast collar.

New collar installed and lightening conductor.